PortAdmin is a tool for configuring your switch ports by the help of a web interface. It does so by communicating with a network device over SNMP [1].

What can PortAdmin do?

Currently you can

  • change port description
  • change access vlan
  • convert between trunk and access mode
  • when an interface is a trunk you can change which vlans are tagged on the trunk.
  • configure a voice vlan on an interface (More about the voice vlan)

What the interface tells you

  1. Port is the interface name given by the vendor. This is not possible to change
  2. These indicators tells you the status of the interface:
  • Enabled indicates if the interface is enabled (green) or disabled (red)
  • Linked indicates if the interface has link (green) or not (red)
  1. Port Description is the ifAlias. This is editable by the user. This is what you set by the name command on HP and description command on Cisco devices.
  2. Vlan is the current active access vlan on the interface. You can change this by using the drop down menu. To set this interface to trunking mode, select the trunk option from the drop-down.
  3. This interface is a trunk. To enter trunk edit mode, click the link.

How to use the interface

Whenever you alter the values on an interface, the color of the row will change. The save button will turn blue to indicate that you can use it to save the changes.


If the row flashes green after saving, that means the change went well. If a red error message appears, this means there was an error making the change.

I want to change the port description

Start writing in the text field. The row and save button should change color. Click save to save the changes.

I want to change the vlan

Choose vlan from the vlan drop down and click “Save”. PortAdmin will disable the interface for a few seconds and then enable it again. This is done to indicate to any client connected to the interface that it should try to get a new IP-address.

I want to edit a trunk

Click the “Trunk” link. It will take you to the edit trunk interface. Make your changes and click “Save changes”.

I want to set an interface to trunking mode

Click the vlan drop down and choose the “Trunk” option. The edit trunk interface should appear. Set the native vlan and the tagged vlans. Click “Save changes”.

I want to set an interface to access mode

Click the trunk link to edit the trunk. Remove all trunk vlans. Set the native vlan to what you want the access vlan to be. Click “Save changes”.

I want to save all changes without clicking all the save buttons

Click one of the “Save all” buttons.

I want to activate the voice vlan on an interface

If no column for activating voice vlans appear, no voice vlans are configured in PortAdmins config file. This must be done by a NAV administrator.


To activate the voice vlan, click the checkbox and click “Save”.

I cannot edit an interface

If an interface is not editable the admins of NAV have turned on vlan authorization. This means you can only edit interfaces that have a vlan that you are organizationally connected to.

Some parts of the interface is disabled/greyed out

See above.

The Config File

PortAdmin has a config file. The options that can be set in this file are:

Voice vlans are the vlans you use for ip telephone traffic. If you define several vlans here, make sure only one of them is available on the netbox. Otherwise there is no way of knowing which one you want. If this option is set, the interface will display a checkbox to enable and disable voice vlan on the interface. More about the voice vlan
If you want to limit what users can do in PortAdmin you activate this option. What this does is limit the choice of vlans to the ones connected to the users organization.
vlan and netident
Some network admins want to use a separate vlan to indicate that this interface does not route traffic. Use these options to define that vlan. The vlan will be available for configuration for all users.
Experimental feature. Makes you enforce a specific input format on the port description.

More about the voice vlan

The term voice vlan is misleading in PortAdmin. What we mean by voice vlan is a vlan you as a network admin has defined as the vlan we use for voice traffic. It is not related to the Cisco or HP voice commands.


[1]Simple Network Management Protocol