Checklist for releasing a new NAV version

CI status check

  • Verify that the stable jobs in Hudson, at , are all green.
  • If any tests are failing, these must be resolved before moving forward.

Review milestone for next release in Launchpad

  • Check the list of bugs targeted to the upcoming milestone at .
  • Do all the targeted bugs have a status of Fix Committed?
  • Unless any unfixed bugs are showstoppers, untarget them from this milestone to remove clutter.

Getting the code

  • Start by cloning the official stable branch (or use hg pull to update your existing clone):

    hg clone
    cd stable
    hg up tip
  • Verify that the current checkout is on the named branch for the currently supported stable release, it should be named according to the M.N.x pattern, e.g. 3.11.x for the 3.11 series:

    hg branch

Updating changelog and release notes

  • Generate a list of referenced bugfixes from the changelog since the last release:

    hg log -v -r <LASTRELEASE>:tip | ./tools/
  • Add a new entry to the CHANGES file for for the new release and paste the list produced by the above command.

  • Verify that all the bugs in this list are in the list of bugs targeted to the Launchpad milestone, and vice versa. Any differences need to be resolved manually.

  • Once the CHANGES file has been properly updated, commit it, tag the new release and push changes back to the official repository:

    hg commit -m 'Update changelog for the upcoming X.Y.Z release'
    hg tag X.Y.Z
    hg push

Rolling and uploading a new distribution tarball

  • Update to the newly created tag and create a distribution tarball:

    hg up X.Y.Z
    ./ -r X.Y.Z
  • Create a detached PGP signature of the created tarball:

    gpg --armor --detach-sign nav-X.Y.X.tar.gz
  • Browse the Launchpad milestone page and create a new release from the milestone.

  • Upload the tarball and the detached signature to the release page.

  • Set the Fix Released status on all bug reports targeted to the new release.

Announcing the release

  • Update the NAV wiki with new version numbers:
    • on the front page
    • on the Downloads page
  • Change the topic of the #nav freenode IRC channel to reference the new release + Launchpad URL.
  • Send email announcement to nav-users. Use previous release announcements as your template.